Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Niggemann

completed – constructional drawing for BR 64

Any The one looking for a complete construction plan for a workin g garden train, type series B64, of the Deutsche Eisenbahn, will find it: on http://www.dampf-modell.com/ This construction plan includes 29 sheets , and shows every detail fully completely dimensioned.

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The suspension of the driving and running axles is shown as coil springs. In this way it is easy to build, but has got nothing to do with the original. That is why I revised the drawings and replaced coil springs with leaf springs and all necessary changes to the bar frame. The front and back running axles were revised by me too, to give more authenticity.

You can replace the given drawings by my completed set of plans.

Here is the complete plan for the change into leaf springs in scale 1:11.

The complete set includes:

BR 64-03-01 DIN A0 bar frame
BR 64-06-01 DIN A0 front running axle
BR 64-07-01 DIN A0 rear running axle

BR 64-30-01 DIN A2
BR 64-31-01 DIN A3

As it is not easy to build the cylinder, I revised the drawing to make it easier to understand.

BR 64-09-01 DIN A0 cylinder


BR 64-30-00 A2 Feuerklappe und Steuerschieber

If you are interested in an original plan, please contact me

The complete set of 4 drawings in DIN A0 size, can be ordered for € 37,60 EUR inclu ding sive ly p ost age and pack ing aging . inklusive Porto und Verpackung beziehen.

If you do not want the whole set at once, you can order single drawings.
On each drawing you will find all necessary views and details of the unit. The single DIN A0 drawing is available for € 7.50 including post and packing.

Der komplette Satz, kann auch verkleinert, auf 6 Seiten DIN A4 inklusive Porto und Verpackung für 2,50 EUR bezogen werden.

weitere Bilder

Foto CD

Any Ever y one interested in this CD, can get i t from me for € 4.75.